We are a diverse team of artists and professionals, with talents spanning industries and dance forms. Our multi-disciplinary abilities are what make us unique as a dance group. Find out more about our individual strengths below!

Sergio Sanchez


Sergio Sanchez, born in Mexico and raised in New York, started dancing like most in Latino families; being unenthusiastically forced to dance with family members during parties and events. However, it wasn’t until 2003 when he met his first salsa on 2 dance teacher, Marizol Rodrigez, that he finally developed a keen interest.  After convincing Sergio to join her 4 month after-school program, his mind and perspective of dance was changed forever.

In 2008, under the wing of Edwin Ferreras, Sergio helped co-found LFX Dancers during their undergrad years at City College.  After becoming one of the directors of the team in 2010, he decided to further explore the performing arts learning under many NY dance instructors such as Joe Burgos, Jorge Salas, Seku McMiller, and Jonathan Rodriguez, while also joining some of their diverse dance teams ranging in styles from salsa, bachata, merengue, bolero, cumbia, mambo, rumba, and afrocuban to non-Latin styles such as hip hop, break dance, lifts and tricks and even belly dance. These experiences did not only make Sergio a well-rounded dancer, but expanded his knowledge in teaching and managing the dynamics of a dance team, allowing him to help shape LFX into what it is today. To follow Sergio on Instagram click here.

Stevi Dumbrell


Stevi Dumbrell has never been a stranger to dancing. Starting her ballet training at 3 years old and quickly expanding to tap, jazz, and pointe, 10 years of classical dance and several years of gymnastics training have provided a sturdy foundation for her current dance pursuits.  She first began partner dancing in 1999 after teaching herself swing from a Paul Maranto instructional video. She’s been a student of Ballroom and Latin dances ever since, progressing through the levels of both International and American-style competitive ballroom as President of the NYU Ballroom and Latin Dance Team and ending as a professional competitor in the NDCA International Latin circuit.

Stevi began to explore the social Latin dance world in 2008, where she fell in love with bachata and salsa on 2, and as they say, the rest is history. She has been a member of LFX since 2013 and a director / instructor / choreographer since 2016. In addition to LFX, Stevi currently works as a costume designer for LFX and as a custom bridal dress seamstress. Her daughter Arya is the team mascot! To follow Stevi on Facebook or inquire after her sewing services click here and send her a message.

Andrea Ude

Team Captain

Andrea Ude began dancing at age 4 and never looked back.  She spent her grade school years studying styles of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop and at the age of 12 began competing at local venues, and eventually nationally.  With a hunger to further diversify her experience, Andrea dedicated her college career to expanding her practice, knowledge, and love of dance at LIU Post.  While there, she worked with multiple emerging choreographers and performed in legacy works of modern dance companies, graduating with a BFA in Dance Studies. 

In 2010, Andrea found herself in the world of partner dance, training first in Ballroom and Latin styles at Arthur Murray before discovering the social Latin dance scene of NYC teaching and performing in styles such as salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha-cha.  Her diverse background made joining LFX Dancers an easy choice in 2016.  Now with more than 25 years of dance experience and over a decade of teaching, Andrea is the Team Captain/Assistant Choreographer of LFX, as well as a bachata instructor with former member, Brian ‘El Matatan’. To follow Andrea on Instagram click here, for Facebook click here.

Roald Johnny


Roald Johnny (“Johnny”) started dancing salsa in Spring 2009 when he joined the Salsa Mambo Club at City College. Coincidentally, this is where he met the inaugural members of LFX Dancers and joined the team shortly after, in March 2010. Johnny has a love of both salsa and bachata; salsa for the versatility and bachata for how naturally sensual it is. Outside of dance, he is also a boxer and teaches college students developmental math.To follow Johnny on Instagram click here.

Roberto Quispe


Roberto Quispe started taking dance classes during college and is a long standing LFX member who joined back in 2012. His favorite styles are bachata and salsa because he enjoys the music, so much so, you usually can find him dancing away the night at most socials.  When not dancing, Roberto loves to run and has proudly finished a number of marathons to date.

Yuliya Agroskin


Yuliya Agroskin has been enthusiastic and passionate about dancing since early childhood, but even though she has Cuban roots, she only discovered salsa in 2011. Subsequently, other latin genres such as bachata, merengue and cha-cha got added to her repertoire of social dancing. In 2018, Yuliya decided to challenge herself and joined LFX Dancers. Although she is new to performing, she is looking forward to mastering her technique and learning new styles in the years to come.

Yuliya is also a mom to a mighty cat named Zeus and a sassy 5 year old, who like her mama, can’t stay still whenever she hears music. Additionally, when Yuliya is not dancing her favorite thing to do is travel. To follow Yuliya on Instagram click here.

Alla Pylayeva


Alla Pylayeva has always been a dancer. She started with rhythmic gymnastics at age 4, modern dance at age 7 and learned some ballroom in her early teens, emphasizing in waltz. However, in 2011 she joined a school for Argentine tango, falling in love with salsa and ultimately bachata instead. Although Latin dance is now probably her favorite style (because she dances it non-stop), she finds all dance styles beautiful and amazing to watch and explore.  This is what brought her to LFX in 2018. Already liking the LFX style, approach and genre mix, she got suckered into auditioning by founder, Edwin Ferreras, feeling it would be a good challenge. What she didn’t know were all of the crazies she’d get to meet. That was a bonus!  In her spare time, Alla likes to travel, ride her motorcycle, knit and nap.

Wallieke Sutton


Wallieke Sutton joined LFX in August 2018, but he started dancing as a break dancer in his early teens.  Later he went on to study West African dance, samba, bachata and his favorite dance style, salsa.  Wallieke fell in love with salsa music, and enjoys the freedom of expression and interaction with one’s partner it provides.  He also enjoys teaching musical instruments to children, DJing, producing music, traveling and working out. To follow Wallieke on Facebook click here.

Suzanne Gammer


Suzanne Gammer has always had a love for dancing during parties but really found her love for Latin dance with her university Latin dance team (Pasion Latina) in 2013. There she was able to learn and experience different styles such as Cumbia, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and Kizomba. After graduating she still had thirst for dancing and joined local dance teams in Boston where she discovered the world of social dancing. Since moving to the New York area in 2021, she craved to be part of a team again that focused on different styles of dance and that’s when she discovered LFX. Her favorite style of dance remains to be Bachata, where she enjoys practicing her lead. Outside of dance, Suzanne loves listening to Soca and Afrobeats, creating in the kitchen, and cuddling with her kitty, Desiree. To follow Suzanne on Instagram click here.

Arya Muñoz


Arya has been dancing since before she was born! (In utero of course!) She’s our resident DJ, Animator, MC, warm-up leader, and performer. This talented young lady has the spirit of a true LFXer!

Edwin Ferreras


International Ambassador of Dominican Arts, Edwin M. Ferreras is a Dominican-born dancer, scholar, and educator of the arts, based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2008, he founded the LFX team in New York City and gave it life with his exceptional understanding of music and dance experience, incorporating connection, musicality, history, cultural idioms, footwork and social dance skills into the team’s choreography. He has traveled around the world with LFX including Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, and throughout the United States, encouraging his team to express themselves in their own unique way.  

While he is no longer active in the day-to-day workings of LFX, his legacy lives on through the philosophy and storytelling aspects of the team that he developed from its early years onward. His influence and input will always be an integral part of the team as they forge their own path forward in the world of dance.

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