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LFX aims to preserve and promote the arts, culture, and traditions of Afro-Latin music and dance through storytelling by offering showcases and education for all ages, across the globe. 


Founded by Edwin Ferreras in 2008, Latin Fusion and eXpression Dancers is a NYC based dance company comprised of choreographers, instructors, dancers, musicians, and artists of many platforms. LFX houses members from around the world with a performance and educational repertoire that includes: Bolero, Bachata, Salsa, Son, Afro-Cuban, Merengue, Hip Hop, Bhangra, Lyrical, Swing and Modern dance, making it one of the most diverse Afro-Latin dance companies in the United States.

LFX has the privilege and honor of working around the world in countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, Australia, and Dominican Republic, to name a few, while helping counter the growing epidemic of disappearing arts in public schools across the nation. LFX proudly holds a non-for profit cause, which provides free or low-cost dance services to public schools, 501c3, and charity organizations, as well as youth development agencies throughout the Tri-State area.

LFX has become one of the most sought out and respected dance companies in the greater New York area and continues to establish itself as a major presence in the international dance community through its groundbreaking educational approach and uncompromising vision.

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